Take No Orders! Out now! And concerts to come

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Yes! ‘Take No Orders’, our new CD has actually arrived. The first opportunity to get one will be in Nijmegen next Saturday. We will then present the CD at the Reclaim The Seeds festival where we perform. So Saturday 30 April, at 4.30 pm. Location: Ecodorp Zuiderveld, Alfred Hitchcockstraat 42, in Nijmegen. More information: https://eetbaarnijmegen.nl/activity/reclaim-the-seeds-zadenruilfeest/ See you then and there!

We have now also launched a real promo video to further draw attention to the CD. You can find it at https://youtu.be/FJY70uJUKoU Check it out, and spread the video further, so that no one misses out on this happy fact.

Our performance in Nijmegen is only the first in a growing series. On Sunday, Joke will be at the 1 May demonstration in Utrecht, while Peter will be present at the 1 May manifestation in Tilburg. We will then contribute separately from each other, but the spirit of solidarity will also connect us musically. We’ll make sure we have the CD with us. A large number of performances will follow in May. You can find a complete overview via the agenda on our website: https://yourlocalpirates.noblogs.org/agenda-2/ Below our performances in May:

May 13: Utrecht

Befu terrain, Prozeeweg in the Hoograven district

8:30 PM.

May 14: The Hague

De Samenscholing

Beatrijsstraat 12

outside on terrace Water and Bread

8 PM.

May 15: Rotterdam

More info will follow

May 20: Hengelo

Tuindorpstraat 57, in the garden

17:00 Door Open (free entry)

18:00 Vegan Food (Free Gift)

19:30 Your Local Pirates

May 26: Amsterdam (East)

Steve Bikoplein, organisation: Joe’s Garage. When it rains it’s in Joe’s Garage.

21 hours. Eat at 7pm.

May 27: Amsterdam

ADM Noord, De Slibvelden

Buikslotermeerdijk 95

More info will follow

Would you also like us to perform in your area? Do you see possibilities and do you want to help? Or do you have further questions or comments? Feel free to contact us! Our email is yourlocalpirates@riseup.net.

For the impatient and extra curious among us: there is a fourth song from the CD on Bandcamp! Check https://yourlocalpirates.bandcamp.com/track/beat-the-borders-2 and enjoy.