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No More

Tomorrow, fellow pirate Joke will walk free! Here’s one more song lyric she wrote wi hile she was held in that hostile fortress of Nieuwersluis

No more

Miss cell number 27 – she is leaving
She’ll be walking through the gate
She’s never coming back, she says
And she can hardly wait

She’s done with prison time, she says
Someone else will take her place
Hugs all around and wish you wells
I see her smiling face – and she says


No more, no more
For my children, no more
I’m going back home
to my children once more

All that she has, Miss cell number 27
She put in a blue plastic bag
She’s taking her name from the door
and she’s going down the stairs (one last time!)

Goodbye time spent in isolation
She’s bidding the guards farewell
Hello laughter, goodbye aggravation
She’s got so much stories to tell


JK 25-2-2019

Your Vote – Not Your Voice – new song and drawing

New song, written by pirate Joke sent from the enemy fortress where she is being held. With a fitting drawing of her to go with it! The timing is no accident: elections coming Wednesday…

Your vote – not your voice

Refrain: We want –

You vote, not your voice
Because this is democracy
We’re giving you a choice to
Cooperate with authority, so…

Let’s have another TV debate
about the climate ‘cause it is too late
to save the planet just in time
while politicians wine and dine

Let’s paste the walls with posters of faces
with ties and suits and money wasted
to seduce you with a promise or two
nothing truthful and nothing new …>>> refr.

Let’s make you believe we are her just for you
that it makes a difference, red or blue
We’lll save the nation just in time
‘gainst immigration we draw the line

We make pretend with a toothpaste smile
with words of hate that are in style
with fear that we created so well
what’s the difference you just can’t tell >>> refr.

Letś make sure what you don’t see
why we need you to agree
to vote and leave your voice behind
keep working, never speak your mind

Divide and conquer for capitalist’s sake
we cannot use you wide awake
‘cause we are tolls for profits world wide
We are puppets – we won’t turn the tide

Joke Kaviaar, 11-3-2019

One day – new song from prison by Joke K.

Hi you fellow pirates out there!

I miss all your voices, to hear you directly, unfiltered and uncontrolled. But I know you are there and that is a comfort and good to know.

Outside, spring is bursting in an early explosion of singing birds. Last night, as a near full moon lit the sky, I’ve been writing another song for us. It’s also for the women in here, the many voices that wake up in this place every day. I hate it, its barred windows, the fences, the doors, every day I detest it more and more. But we all make it and we all fight for our dignity. Like a true pirate!

I greet you all, keep up the good work!

Love & rage, Joke – and here’s the song:


Behind every door, there’s a dream
and if there is not, there’s a scream
Both they are quiet behind every door
in every prion on every floor

Behind every door, there’s a dream
a whisper or cry, they’re not what they seem
Both they are waiting but who knows what for
in every cell a day once more


One day, one day, the drams will be set free
away, away – away from lock and key
But today, today, the dreams can only flee
away, away, way….

Behind every door, there is hope
and if there is not, there is dope
They both set the mind free, asking form more
in every prison on every floor

Behind every door, there is hope
banging the walls, how else can you cope
If you hear laughter, you know what it’s for
to get through the day, the hours once more


Behind every door. there’s a way
and if there is not, you might forever stay
It is worth the fight or else you just score
In every prison on every floor

Behind every door, there’s a way
breaking through time – away every day
The greatest escape is in your mind once more
Out of that cell and right through the door


Joke Kaviaar, from Nieuwersluis where she is held in prison.