No More

Tomorrow, fellow pirate Joke will walk free! Here’s one more song lyric she wrote wi hile she was held in that hostile fortress of Nieuwersluis

No more

Miss cell number 27 – she is leaving
She’ll be walking through the gate
She’s never coming back, she says
And she can hardly wait

She’s done with prison time, she says
Someone else will take her place
Hugs all around and wish you wells
I see her smiling face – and she says


No more, no more
For my children, no more
I’m going back home
to my children once more

All that she has, Miss cell number 27
She put in a blue plastic bag
She’s taking her name from the door
and she’s going down the stairs (one last time!)

Goodbye time spent in isolation
She’s bidding the guards farewell
Hello laughter, goodbye aggravation
She’s got so much stories to tell


JK 25-2-2019